• Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200)

  • Warriors at Ease Level 2 Yoga Instructor

  • YMCA Certified Pilates Instructor

  • YMCA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

  • Barre Above Certified Instructor

  • BodyPump Certified Instructor

  • Silver Sneakers Certified Instructor

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About Delores Simmons


Although she has always been mindful of meeting her clients where they are, for many years Delores chased the powerful side of her athletic abilities.  In 2015, however, she suffered a personal loss, a sidelining foot injury, and began experiencing burnout as a fitness instructor for the first time in ten years. 


During her 200-hour yoga teacher training program at Grace, she realized why she had begun feeling depleted mentally and physically: she had prioritized staying in shape physically and staying on top of her day-gig as an attorney, but had failed to consider the importance of Sukha (comfort or ease).  As she embraced the feeling of comfort and ease that she experienced during her yoga practice, she suddenly stopped fidgeting through savasana and, instead, began viewing it with anticipation. She also began noticing that her flexibility improved and her body felt dynamic, but also more solid and stable than it had in years.

Today she strives to balance Sthira (steadiness or strength) and Sukha (comfort or ease) personally, as well as in her corporate, individual and group Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp, Barre, and Strength classes.  Indeed, Delores’ students often comment on how she has helped them achieve wellness goals or master yoga  transitions with which they had struggled, while simultaneously honoring their bodies and helping them maintain spiritual harmony.

Delores recently completed the Warriors at Ease (WAE) Level 2 certification and now teaches a weekly online WAE Gentle Yoga class on Fridays at noon.  WAE classes are research based, trauma sensitive and military focused classes developed by WAE: a non-profit organization that provides yoga teachers with the training and skills to share yoga in a manner that supports the health, resiliency, nervous system regulation, post-traumatic growth and connection between service members, veterans, and their families. 

In September 2021 Delores began grief facilitator training with GriefShare through her church: Alfred Street Baptist. In October 2021, she will begin the Mindful Grieving 200-hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program.  Delores plans to use the skills she learns during these training programs to support others who struggle with grief, as she did after her 22 year-old godson, who was  private in the army, died by suicide.  She firmly believes that finding meaning in grief, sometimes called the sixth stage of grief, is an essential key to growth and resiliency in the face of loss.